One of the strangest signs I've ever seen. Not because it is weird. It's just... I really don't live in that world... but somebody does. A lot of people do... and this is as common as deer crossing and, well... I just can't relate.


Josh Garlow said...

I'm a sucky friend.
You're on the A-list now.
I actually thought of you today while in Barnes and Noble looking at Sting's book.
True story.

dan said...

The men's ministry at our church is hosting their annual "Wild Game Feed" tomorrow night. I don't get it. Why would anyone want to know how helpful it is to find the right doe urine scent to attract the buck?

I don't live in that world either.

I'm off to the Mall of America. :-)

Aaron said...

Welcome to my world.

It is Oregon.

It is divine.