Oh The Places You Will Go

I just found out last night that a friend of mine is moving to the South Pole... I think he's going to live in the U.S. Biodome for eight months. So in honor of that Scott...

"Keep cool, but do not freeze." — From a mayonnaise jar, but also makes a good winterover life rule.

"You want a real 'Survivor' show ? Oh, we'll give you the real thing. But sometimes we do wish we could vote people off the island." — Grant about wintering over at McMurdo.

Also, about a month or so ago I found out my cousin and his wife and 2 kids moved to a 5-square mile island in the Dutch Antilles... you can't really find it by looking it up as much as locating it latitudinally and longitudinally... It's called Saba. There are no numbers in their address... just a general idea which part of the volcano they live on.

I'm just wondering to myself, "how do I know these people?".


Here's to iTunes...

I'm listening to Kate Bush right now. Kate Bush's CD (well... I had the tape) "Hounds Of Love" was one of my favorite recordings... ever. Also around the time this made its way into my life, Peter Gabriel's "Last Temptation of Christ" was in the deck. I had dubbed a friend's recording. High speed dub. I was listening to Erasure, Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine", a bit of early R.E.M - any of the "Document", "Eponymous", "Green" or, especially "Out of Time" tapes. I had a beginning affinity for 19 year old Ani Difranco that I had seen at a small club downtown for $5 around that time in winter, some very early Sara Mclaughlan, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. Always the Beatles. And on the harder side for those days there was "Living Color"... the list goes on. It was the late eighties, I was between the ages of 12 and 14 and, by clear evaluation of my music choices, also a bit schizo.

At some point from the transition of "I will never own CD's. They're too expensive" to the "I never listen to tapes anymore" stages, I lost touch with these friends.

Then we moved to digital music and i have found that I cannot function a healthy life without iTunes nearby.

I had one of Kate Bush's song's in my head the other day and satiated that broken record by getting the CD... and then it began... I had to get all this music again. Because one song reminded me of another and so on. To iTunes I went and they were so helpful... those people that make my memories so accessable now. I am reliving these years... which could be good or bad, i suppose, but they had a great soundtrack.

So, I'm wondering, what was your soundtrack around these Jr. high years? I'm interested.


How did I get here?

Being a grown-up is just surreal sometimes. I just bought a house.