Oh The Places You Will Go

I just found out last night that a friend of mine is moving to the South Pole... I think he's going to live in the U.S. Biodome for eight months. So in honor of that Scott...

"Keep cool, but do not freeze." — From a mayonnaise jar, but also makes a good winterover life rule.

"You want a real 'Survivor' show ? Oh, we'll give you the real thing. But sometimes we do wish we could vote people off the island." — Grant about wintering over at McMurdo.

Also, about a month or so ago I found out my cousin and his wife and 2 kids moved to a 5-square mile island in the Dutch Antilles... you can't really find it by looking it up as much as locating it latitudinally and longitudinally... It's called Saba. There are no numbers in their address... just a general idea which part of the volcano they live on.

I'm just wondering to myself, "how do I know these people?".


kate said...

i think that you know these people because you are one of these people. i have heard you say things like "when i was at victoria falls i..." or "last week in australia i ..." or "in prague i..." or "when i was climbing this hill in bosnia...". jenn, leaving the country is as normal of an occurance for you as going to the grocery store or ordering pizza. why not. so, i think that you know these people, because you are these people. i am just waiting to hear about the batik class you will be holding in the south pole dome next fall.

Jess said...

"how do I know these people?"

I ask the same question. How DO you know these people?!

Very cool though.

I also like the mayonnaise quote.

Peter W. Heck said...

The Anchor Holds, Jenn...though the ship is battered. :-)