Pulled my car into my driveway this evening and saw this. I guess the water dripped and froze off the front of my car, but never broke when I pulled away earlier in the day.


...has become fact

Today, officially, The Police (it's a band if you're that young) will be going on tour this summer... and I am willing to go to any lengths to see this show... perhaps multiple times. I might lost any stable savings I have and I am entirely ok with this.

I love this band... and by "love" I mean, they have provided the most soundtrack music for my life than any other source... I have read books and dictionary's just to find out the inspiration and meanings of allusions and words used in their songs... I have rewound (because I owned the tapes first) "King of Pain" countless times just to hear the descending line of notes that follow "it's the same old thing as yesterday" that echo's the "It's my soul up there" melody... when I was 8 and taped it off the radio... seriously... I watched their videos on MTV after Synchronicity came out with wide eyes because they were the coolest thing on the planet. I LOVE this band... and they broke up before I was old enough to see them live.

But today I woke up in a new world. A world where a band called "The Police" exist... today... not in the past... and I just don't know what to do with myself. I, honestly (this is all so dramatic) feel like I'm living in a hazy dream.

It is such a good day.



Well anyone that knows me know that this rumor might have resulted in one of the greatest days of my life... I'm leaving the door open for other candidates but, who are we kidding, it's probably not likely.

I heard this and spent a rather embarassing moment lying on the floor. I had to move to the lowest point in the room I was so overwhelmed.

Sunday's gonna be a great day. Don't miss the opening act.