Well anyone that knows me know that this rumor might have resulted in one of the greatest days of my life... I'm leaving the door open for other candidates but, who are we kidding, it's probably not likely.

I heard this and spent a rather embarassing moment lying on the floor. I had to move to the lowest point in the room I was so overwhelmed.

Sunday's gonna be a great day. Don't miss the opening act.


Anonymous said...

I am utterly confused!

Anyway, Jenn, I am coming down with a serious illness. I would like you to know that it is all your fault. I have not have my necessary "jenn swift fix" for quite sometime... I think I'm going sane... Yes, that's what's wrong; not seeing you is causing me to think normally! Ah!

This is BAD!


Anonymous said...

so i totally just figured out that "this rumor" was a link, and i read it and WOW! Happy day! AH!!!


trisha said...

i heard a rumor that you saw delirium at the mark. i am stalking you, jenn swift. ever so slightly.

mike & lexa ennis said...

yeah... so it took me a second read through to catch the whole rumor link thing... i could pawn it off on a sleepy state, laying on the couch this workless sat taking in some of my fav pbs shows... yeah... i'll do that.

dangie said...

Jenn - we knew you'd be quite excited about this. We missed the Grammy's, but I'm sure we'll be able to find the performance online somewhere.

Hope all is well!