Odds'n'Ends... but mostly odds.

I'm glad that last post's behind me. Staci... thanks for taking the "no one noticed" route for me. You're a good woman.

Steve Erwin died... yesterday? How 'bout it. Thanks NPR for bringing the sad news... however, TODAY they followed it up with this guy, John Hodgeman. He's the guy from the outstanding Mac commercials. Apparently he's written a book and he is funny regularly... and he has a blog... "Areas of my Expertise". He used to be a part of "This American Life" which is really about my favorite of my many NPR shows.

Please listen to the interview... not because I sound pathetic asking you to, but because you believe me when I tell you it's funny... and the radio host can't contain his laughter. That's enjoyable.

Click on THIS and
from here go "listen"... and then do so.

Two sets of super good friends moved town last week. Packed one friend up Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for her to leave and then packed another Thursday and Friday. Wow. Hate that. I spent a fair amount of time actually mourning those losses. Very good people. When good people leave it makes you wonder what you're still doing around. I know what I'm still doing around... but you still have to entertain the thought if just for a few days. It's healthy.

In other news I leave for Autria and Poland in... 8 days? Something like that. Next Thursday. I'll be better at posting next week.


Trisha Miller said...

i bet you are so excited to be going to austria and poland. i've wanted to go to poland since i was 13, but that was only because i want to tour auschwitz. i was a strange teenager. ;-)

Staci said...

Thanks for the shout-OUT! It was awesome, i hope you have a great time in Austria with the Czechs eating Turkey. Maybe when you get back from your trip you could tell me about it as we drink the classy always sophisticated Starbucks.

Krista said...

I agree with you Jenn. It's been an odds and ends type of week...but definately more odd!! It's weird how life can change so quickly!

Trisha Miller said...

any pictures would be great! judging from 'the sound of music', austria is a beautiful place ;-)

Mark said...

Jenn - we picked up the audio version of the book today (six CD's - he variously reports it as 95, 135, 235...) and it is read by John Hodgman. Absolutely hilarious. You must borrow it upon your return. Thanks for putting us onto it.