Charlie & Lola

I am absolutely crazy about this show. I have been watching kids for a particular family a few days this week and they have two DVDs, 6 episodes each. I'm in. I love it.

It was introduced to me a bit ago and for some reason I never really got it. Shameful really. I should've. I should've really understood. I did not. Now I do.

Lola is small and very funny... and she loves pink milk. Charlie is the reasonable and ever caring, sometimes frustrated, older brother. Lotta is Lola's best friend. Marve is Charlie's (which, everytime they say it I think they're saying Mauve). Marv has a dachsund named Sizzles that Lotta and Lola love. Lola has an imaginary friend named Soren Lorenson. And they all have these lovely Brittish accents.

Aesthetically, the illustrating and writing is incredibly clever and witty and just so fabulous. And any show that could carry Badly Drawn Boy type music has got to be wonderful.

Clearly, I am enamored and I am ok with this. I may actually go rent the DVD's myself. "Do your kids enjoy this show ma'am?" they will ask me at the counter. I may lie or I may tell the truth... or I may just borrow the five kids I've been watching and take care of that completely; allay any question.

You may one day hear me speaking like a four year old Brittish child. At which point you may intervene. However, until then, I will be attempting to see as much of this show as possible. Carry on.


kate said...

i'll admit it. i got sucked into one of these episodes on saturday morning. i like it too. i am not at the point of renting the dvd's yet though...to much LOST, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy to focus on.

By the way...5 kids...that's a lot of kids to be watching! You deserve another Charlie and Lola break...or a trip to Europe or something.

worshipful1 said...

My kids like it and it's a calm one...which is good, but I have to leave the room and do something else. I just don't have the appreciation...sorry.

charlie and lola said...

dear jenn,
do you like me? i am charlie and lola. i bet you do. because i am your favorite character on tv. that's why you should like me. bye bye jenn.
charlie and lola

stay tuned for the unveiling of spencer's blog: spenceralanium.com!

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

You and Ellie would get along GREAT! This is one of her favorite shows, too! BTW, when are you headed this way?

Jim and Jaena said...

Gotta comment here...I like Charlie and Lola too. I think it's their accent that does it. But have you seen Wonder Pets? It's still my favorite!

worshipful1 said...

Wonderpets are the best! They and the Backyardigans rock!

Exodus 14:14 said...

I for one love Charlie and Lola, my sister and I watch it all the time. WonderPets is funny, but my favorite is Little Einsteins, they are just so cute!

worshipful1 said...

ooo - i forgot all about little einsteins! they are great too!

Angela said...

hey stranger.
i think you need a few more links over to the right ;)
hope you're doing well!