Everywhere and In Between

was where I felt like I was today. So I made a project for my piano and voice students to work on while I'm gone. They were given packets with stuff in them re: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Though three separate generations of composers, their lives overlapped quite a bit, specifically in Vienna. So the packets contained information on the three, a CD of key songs that my students are playing in level appropriate forms and sheet music to study. They were, then, supposed to go through the packets and e-mail me questions and assignments to find things based on their research. They've come up with great questions for me scavenge out of the city... but what a day.

It began with a visit to the Haus de Musik which is simply that - a building dedicated to sound and how sound works and it's connection with music. A complete interactive exhibit. Next, a bolt out to Zentralfriedhof (the cemetary where Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms are buried alongside a monument for Mozart), made it back into the city for a walking tour of Mozarts life in Vienna, a trip through Mozarts last remaining house in Vienna where he wrote Figaro and the Requiem and then to see a String quarted perform the Requiem in a lovely old church. Whew... made everything right on time with none to spare. I felt like superwoman.

Tomorrow, visiting Beethoven's homes (not all of them because in 30 years, or something like that, he lived in more places that one can count...) but I'll see some key places where he composed some very large works.

On another note I ended up drinking bitter lemon at the end of my day which I'm crazy about. Managed to walk a whole 12 hour day without losing my pullover that was flung over my bag... to some a minor issue... but I drop everything I touch. Oh, and had a coffee at Starbucks because it's really the only place to get a coffee to go... yeah, and oh-so-Austrian... whatever. I just about hated that I was there.

Pictures are in this order:
Beethoven's Grave
Mozart Memorial
Map of Zentralfriedhof
Mozart's last home in Vienna


Todd and Micah said...

What an amazing experience! I'm so jealous.

Trisha Tschopp said...

cool. don't get involved with masonry though. you know what they did to mozart.

Staci said...

When in Austria do what the Austrians do... drink Starbucks. Now they're my kind of people. Cheers to that.

Bethany said...

I can't believe that I'm not there with you Jen!!! I wish it would have worked out for me to join you for this trip! Seriously, can we just take a year together and travel the world? (Not kidding...I'd go in a minute if we could!!) Have a wonderful trip...it looks like you are so far! Miss you tons!! Come to Ottawa Girl!

kristenlea47 said...

I am so jealous (in a good way). I hope to someday see all of the places that you are being able to experience now!

Josh Jackson said...

I really like your Blog. I like what you write and how you go about your sidebar. :)