A Paddleboat

...is what myself and the teens rented this afternoon. I don't know that I explained what I've been doing while here this week, but I'm leading worship for a conference and then also hanging out with the teens for the week. Afternoons are free time. Today we went for a paddleboat ride. We probably paddled 3-4 Kilometers... In the middle of the ride a water skier came along and slammed water on us. It would've bothered me had it not have been done just so well. So I applauded instead. But we were very wet and still had quite a ways to go back to shore. When we DID get there, Eva and Josh grabbed the dock and pulled us in. However, Eva pulled one way from the back and the front of the boat went another. Josh, who was standing on the front of the boat and holding on to the dock started stretching out more and more until all of a sudden the things holding him up were too far spread apart and in the water he went. The picture you see is after this adventure, sans Eva - she was taking the picture. The others are just views from the lake.


pk said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! You've got to love those days where you just want to soak up every minute because so much is new and fresh.

Scottie said...

Hmm,I don't see much evidence for safety jackets in the pictures. With the reckless manner of the water skiers, I would hope that conference worship leaders would be more responsible. I've reported you to the NCSSUYOGG Bureau (nobody cares, so shut up you old grizzled geezer), so be expecting punishment actions.

mi*chelle said...

great memories!