ATM Madness - part II

I went to the ATM the other day... again, since I had done such a fine job of sidling up to the machine so as not to be the person that has to open the car door, unbuckle their seat belt and play a modified game of twister to gain access to the machine,I - when I dropped my credit card onto the pavement beneath the car - I couldn't properly open the door to retreive it... So while I'm reliving my experience with the money tube and vaccum at the drive through a few months ago (see post from May 1st) I'm looking for whatever I can to reach for the card through a sliver of open door, appearing to be playing a modified game of twister. I find a mechanical pencil with the eraser NOT rubbed down to be flush with the writing instrument and try to move the card with that. It worked. I got the card. At this point, knowing my reocurring issues with banking facilities, I may opt for the first scenario instead of shimmying right up to the venue. However, I won't know until my next visit if my lesson's been learned.

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