One River Mississippi - weaving together art, ecology and community

"To put your hands in a river is to feel the chords that bind the earth together." - B. Lopez, author

The "One Mississippi River" event will take place this Saturday, June 24 @ 7pm.

If you are in or live near any of the following 7 locations, try to make it to this event.

Minneapolis / St. Paul
Quad Cities
St. Louis / E. St. Louis
New Orleans
Plaquemines Parish

The event will unify cities from the mouth of the Mississippi all the way down to its Delta with participating communities. It is an event that will incorporate the arts community of each location with a sense of greater awareness for ecology. The arts culture of just about any community is almost always exclusively the community that walks hand in hand with issues of social and global concern.

The Mississippi has quite an amazing role in the history of America economically, politically, socially. I've only lived on it for about 5 years and have been amazed even at it's meteorological significance as well. It's amazing to watch storms come through this area and, on the new, see a large storm cell divide and roll around the Mississippi and the Quad Cities, only to reconvene on the Eastern side of the area.

I think this event will be cool and I'd love to have any of you who can attend try to and share your thoughts here afterwards.

Mississippi River Meander Belt


Micah Dormann said...

Hey jen...how are you i miss you...i'm going to call you!!! talk to you soon...

worshipful1 said...

Hey, I was just curious, how do you know Todd and Micah? Were you still in Chorale when Todd came along? ~Michelle

Jenn Swift said...

Yeah, Todd and I were riser buddies, so I stood right next to him for a year and I don't think I had a nicer person to stand by (or chat with during down time - but don't tell prof.) I just really do think he's the greatest. He ALWAYS brightened my day. I met Micah officially when I ran into them at tree of life right before they moved out East. I think I talked with them for two hours or something ridiculous like that. I heard her give a testimony at Wheaton Wesleyan when I went to go see Chorale and she talked about Todd's accident and I remember thinking... "yes, this is a good girl for him." I was only in Chorale with him for a year I think, but not with her.

juli said...

You have inspired me...I have never wanted to put my hand in the Mississippi - and now it's all i will think about until i get another chance to visit the shores of the mighty miss.

i mean since i have missed this event...am i getting it?