Swift Move '06

For those joining the partay tomorrow, here you go - Directions and Details


Bethany said...

Wish I could be there to help you move!! Please pray as I am considering my own possible move this summer. I am going to be applying for some RD jobs in the states, which would mean moving back to the good ol, U.S. of A. (Not sure yet, but considering it as I am pretty much hating my job in Ottawa!)

I Miss you girl!!

Anonymous said...


Wish I could have been there...

It's Seth.

Since we probably won't see each other for a awhile again...two things for you to do.

1. Check out my blog on myspace.


2. Download my podcast.
Search "Shine.FM" on itunes.

Seth Hurd

Jenn Swift said...

Seth!!! How do I e-mail you!? I'm much better at that because, as you know, I'm no good with the phone. Thanks for still being my friend. I promise, I'm not a hater.

Holly said...

OK, not sure what planet I've been on, but I didn't realize you had a blog. The other times I've checked your profile, there wasn't a link to your blog. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! And truly, there are no words about our sisterhood of NPR, really, I'm verclempt....Love ya girly!

Erik said...

Swiftly....check out my new page...which is almost done...