Walk The Line

Today's going to be a good day for the Jenn Swift blog. I'm posting twice because I saw "Walk The Line" today - the movie about Johnny and June Carter Cash - and I was... well, I loved it.

I've been excited about this movie for a few months. I'm not a die-hard Cash fan. I know those guys. Troy Yeager is a die-hard Cash fan. I saw him at homecoming shortly after The Man In Black died and I asked how he was doing with all the sincerity I would ask if a parent had died for him because it really was epic. So me, not die-hard, but I really like the guy. That atleast put me in the the-movie- was-being-looked-forward-to-greatly. Finally got to see it today.

It was the kind of movie that had me feeling a lot of a lot at the end. I couldn't even tell you what the "a lot" was, but it was deeplpy visceral (is that a bit redundant?) and I felt a bit like liquid when it ended 2 1/2 hours later. I haven't seen a movie fully be worth it's ticket cost in a while. This one was... probably twice. I would probably see this again. I would even own the movie and that's just not something I do. I don't buy movies. I would buy this one.

It was so worth it on many technical levels... great acting, good music, good scene work, good script... but beyond that, I left feeling something when the credits were playing. I say all that as an amateur - but I want to read eveything I can about this man, and June Carter for that matter. I want to own all their music. I want to dive in. I may become die-hard... atleast as much so as you can be after a musician dies. But I'm interested. This week I might become immersed. We'll see. But I'll see the movie again and I would recommend it to anyone I can, such as yourself. If you haven't yet, go see it.


pk said...

I agree. Walk the Line catapulted to one of my two favorite movies this year. Constant Gardener being the other one. Both very different movies, but both scoring a 9 out of 10 on the Paul Kind scale ;-)

theReynoldsFam said...

i now want to see this movie while i did not have such a desire before. do i want to see the movie or do i want to know what feeling "a bit like liquid" is all about?

really, i trust your movie pics. ELF was one of your pics - and it has filled the reynolds home with laughter on more than one occassion.