Here we go...

I don't know why I'm doing this. I generally have a specific disdain for blogs. People really think other people want to know about stuff... just stuff... and it gives anyone a forum and I think it's a big break in the levy... "Hey everyone, come on in! Publish WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!!" I don't like the lack of filtration. And people who really don't have good ideas at all are gaining a following. People become addicted to posting. They do things specifically to post them later on. They create pretend lives. And then it makes people think they have relationships with people that they don't really have.

It also stresses me out. "Can I keep up with my friend's blogs!?", "Can I post frequently enough? When do I know if I'm posting too much!?" I couldn't even handle the "creating a blog" pressure. I couldn't seem to come up with, at least, an adequate sign-in name that wasn't already occupied. I felt like my mom trying to program our first VCR. It took 15 minutes to come up with something very un-creative. But I'm here.

But this is peer pressure in the early part of this century. This is what "everybody's doing it" looks like at this point in time; it's blogging. This is what "everyone" is doing... atleast the everyone I know... which are largely my college friends.

Actually, I thought a pre-requisite for having a blog was having a kid and I don't, so I didn't think I would have anything pertinent to blog about amongst this group. I've been told not to worry about. I've been advised to blog anyway.

So, all things considered, here we go.


Josh Garlow said...

That's awesome!
You're not alone in your thoughts of blogging.
It IS horrible.
NOBODY should do it.
But we do it... and we love it... and we all think we're something special for it.
We all "know" deep down that our blogs will make us famous.
We all "know" that one day someone will put our blogs into book form and it will sell by the millions with a title like...
"The Writings of Legendary Joshua Garlow"
"Wisdom From Life's Routine" by J.G.

It's all bull, but that's ok.
It's fun to pretend. But more so, it's good to connect with the past.
Let's face it, we would not have connected had it not been for blog, so I owe blogger.com a huge thanks for hooking me up with an old budd.
Glad you joined!
keep connected,

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

Thanks for caving!! Now we can keep up with what YOU'RE doing! Blogging is what you make it. You post WHENEVER and WHATEVER you want to. It's almost like a club, isn't it? Won't you feel just a little special when you see your name on our list of other bloggers? C'mon... you know you'll smile just a little. :)

pk said...

I'm glad you're "IN".