In The Belly Of The Green Bird

Heard a good interview today on "Here and Now" (I'm an NPR junkie, remember) with a young journalist, Nir Rosen, in reference to the current racial and political occurrences in Iraq. American born, but of middle eastern descent, this man has some current knowledge and insight we are unable to gain not living in Iraq. The interview's not long, so please take a few minutes to listen to it today. The interview with the journalist is at the front end of the program and only about 15 min.

Below is just the blurb NPR has on their site re: the journalist's book, "In the Belly of the Green Bird: The Triumph of the Martyrs in Iraq"

"President Bush says the United States has entered a new chapter in its relationship with Iraq. Speaking today in Chicago, the president said Saturday's inauguration of Iraq's new unity government is a victory for the cause of freedom in the Middle East.

Nonetheless, renewed violence in Iraq claimed seventeen lives today. Yet, President Bush and administration officials have expressed confidence in the past that a new government would help stop the growing number of killings and kidnappings in Iraq.

But, journalist Nir Rosen is not so optimistic after spending months gaining access to Sunni and Shi'a militia members, an experience which he describes in his new book, "In the Belly of the Green Bird, the Triumph of Martyrs in Iraq." Nir believes that Iraq is already in the middle of civil war."

I think when it comes to being more aware of what is happening in our world, event by event, the news media is helpful on a minor scale. People's first hand stories, those from a broad experience base, are one of, if not the, best source of information.

Would also love to hear your thoughts.


Sherilyn said...

Don't u just want this moment again?!?! I'm MOVING TO CHICAGO!!!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/sher/31488110/in/set-702707/

Sherilyn said...
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Jenn Swift said...

Sher, I can't figure out how to trash it! AAAH.

Chicago! What a blast! You'll be so close!!!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what/who you can find when searching through friends' blogs. I hope you are doing well. Found you through JMak's link to your site and thought I would say hi. luketarah@yahoo.com is my current email. I'd love to hear how you are.
Tarah (Brewster/Luke) Auffhammer (yeah, i got hitched!)

Trisha Miller said...

your precious taye diggs was shown in the american idol audience tonight.

Sherilyn said...

I hope the pictures made you smile and think of happy happy times!! thanks for allowing me my second post! :) I'm excited to head to the quad cities and spend some time with u and the schmerses! :) LOVE YA!