Habitat Restore

I just made my umpteenth visit to our local Habitat for Humanity's Restore. We are friends. I make nearly weekly visits as a recent addition to the homeowner's club. I can find tons of things there as it relates to renovation, fixing, improvements, etc., while I'm helping local business, supporting Habitat for Humanity and keeping tons of junk out of landfills. These are all very good things. In addition, you can find some really beautiful pieces from old houses: doors, railings, windows. Tons of tile usually. Always paint for super cheap. Countertops. It's amazing.

I totally sound like an add. This bit will top it off... "to find a Habitat Restore Store near you, click here".

Hey Bethany, they even have them in Ottawa!
Juli, you guys have two!


Sarah said...

Is this my old friend from IWU? This is Sarah Chupp. If this is you, email me at schupp@bryanisd.org

theReynoldsFam said...

cool. i'm checkin it out...
great ad!

Bethany said...

Of course they have one in Ottawa -we have everything in this great city!! By the way, I got an email from a lady in Japan today who wants me to come be the new nanny for her family...hmmm, wanna come visit me in Nagano, Japan? Just a thought? Love ya girl! Bep