My House's Antithesis

These are pictures that were previously posted as the "Halloween House" pictures. As promised, I have pictures of their Christmas fiasco. Some people who were a part of my tastful and pleasant decorating endeavor went to see this house afterwards with me - Andrew and Staci, pictures coming and... and the cows story - we just stood in awe. We just don't understand. And the woman decorating was NOT in the Christmas Spirit. In fact, she seemed rather put out that we were speaking to her. She was busy festooning, however, and perhaps was just irked that we were distracting her from her inspired efforts.

Sadly you are unable to see it, but there is a Christmas tree nearly hidden by the telephone pole. Scooby-Doo is dressed in a santa hat riding a train around that tree.

A barrage of holiday inflatables adorns the top of the garage's roof.

The other houses on the street can only be jealous. What else can they do but wallow in their mild aura and mediocre electric bill.


Staci said...

You would think if someone had that much Christmas spirit to spend countless hours(=roughly a weeks work) creating this masterpiece you would be thrilled to take questions from the adoring crowd. Or it was her husband's idea and she didnt want her face to be known. Either way its a valient effort-->your house is still prettier!

kate said...

this house is screaming illuminated obscenities.

Trisha Miller said...

if my vomit was florescent, i'm pretty sure the pictures would be eerily similar.

Croatiaforever said...

I don't think I can comment. It takes the words right out of my mouth.

Scottie said...

Jenn, don't you worry. All the electricity they are using is creating obscene amounts of CO2 in the air, which will eventually cause Greenland to sink into the ocean, rising the water level world wide, and destroying this house. By the way, would you describe your house as "Ark-ish"?

--Al Gore

katie said...

that house scares me... annywhoo i am like totally clueless as to which color braces i should get...any ideas?