My love/hate week with NPR

If you love NPR, which... I have a small group of friends that really, truly love NPR (you liberals!) you hate this week and one just like it about 6 months from now. We are in the fall fund drive. EVERY YEAR it sneaks up on me! I feel so unprepared when I go to turn on Car Talk at 9am on the Saturday of the wretched week and hear the talking, the pleading, of Renee Montagne reminding me of their need this year. I am totally an NPR junkie. I am a listener no matter what. But I totally hate this week.

I was talking to a friend a few years ago during this time of year and we had the conversation... the one that discovered we were both die hard NPR-ers, but confessed that neither had ever pledged. (we sound like we're Greek's or something - Nu Pi Rho) We said so somewhat sheepishly because we both felt the guilt.

And that's the thing about NPR... I confess my undying adoration... but I hate right now... because I am so guilt ridden... Because Ira Glass... a voice I love, one I've welcomed into my home regularly, one that tells me great stories... and then during the fund drives turns on me. It's so manipulative... because he says, "If you've been enjoying the stories NPR has brought you but you don't contribute..." and they liken it to stealing. And then I have an inward battle with myself... "They have CHOSEN to publish themselves... It is my RIGHT to take and NOT give back! THIS is the system. THIS IS UNDERSTOOD!!! You should NOT be guilting me to support a service you have CHOSEN to provide out of good will!!!"

But Ira can't hear me and neither can Sylvia Pagioli or Veer Sing (I love him, he reports from New Delhi and has a wonderful accent). And that's the wonder of it all... they are so unaffected, but I am guilty. Hateful ones that I love. They even get David Sedaris involved... and that's just low. He was born with Greek guilt and could care less who it spills all over.

It's Tuesday... they will go until next Sunday and life will be back to normal programming... guilt free programming... for another 6 months... and then it will happen all over again, this abusive cycle. I'll apologize, tell them it was my fault. I've been listening for too long not to be a pledger and then I'll try to offer some sort of bargain of "maybe if I just convert more NPR listeners they won't make me feel so guilty..." but then it all start again. Who new NPR could be so unhealthy.

Holly, are you with me on this?


Trisha Miller said...

i have a love/hate obsession with dave hodge's blog. yes, donkeys on a calendar are funny. no, its not funny for weeks at a time without an update...

Scottie said...

llama are the new donkey. Anyways, speaking of things Jenn likes, have you seen A Prarie Home Companion? I was going to rent it the other day, but decided to blank out instead.

Dan & Angie said...

Jenn...you are so very honest. I love it. By the way have you gandered over to our blog in the last couple of days? There are honorable mentions of thy name in it. :)


Staci said...

Do you give piano lessons? I heard that you did through the grape vine. If so we need to talk because Im bad at playing and your not. Plus im interested in learning. Just let me know

kate said...

i'm with ya on this. i just figure that paying to be a part of the studio audience for whad'ya know is equally as good as pledging. this is a benefit of making your own NPR fundraiser moral compas. quiz that michael feldman.

Staci said...

Thanks for the comment it made me feel good. Like really good like not having to hang out with your mom good! Good job singin in church today!

Croatiaforever said...

I am with you Jenn. Radio is suppose to be free, right?! Love wait wait... Don't tell me. Some one is always asking for money!

mom said...

hey jenn, i'll get this yet. mom

NPR Stream Radio said...

Hi Jen: I looked for your email address, but could not find anything.

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Keith A

Brian said...


I think your comments are right on, but I guess I'm more in the disdain for NPR camp. Here's my take on it.