Today I drove down to Slovenia. A friend and I borrowed a car and drove down for the afternoon to Bled (said "Blade") and just tripped around 'til about 10pm tonight. It took about 45 min to get there which just seems nuts. But it's true. I was a little disappointed at the border, though, when I handed the guy our passports and they just passed us on. I didn't get a stamp. It's EU's fault. Open borders.

It's a bit of a fairy-tale-esque sort of place with an island in the middle of a glacial lake in the middle of the Julian Alps with a grand castle way up high on a craggy cliff... just too much to handle. I'll post a web picture with an aerial view 'cause you'll get a better idea of it (the best one I could find has someone else's watermark on it).

There's a ton of history to this area as it the center of four main geological land formations. The castle in this town is also the oldest one in Slovenia.
View from the castle of the surrounding scenery.

View from the island looking towards the castle and St. Martens church.

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