Hmmm... let's see what they're up to...

I'm reading my friend's blogs right now. I'm doing this because I have other things to do. Of course I'm reading blogs. I do this rarely enough, like read blogs in one fell swoop, so I don't feel bad about making the rounds... however, of course I chose to do so when I've got other things to get done. Between 9am and 1:30pm all my students will be coming to my house to gleen from the awesome experiences of their most awesome music-and-cultural-brainwasher teacher... I admit it. I am totally an arts snob and I think people who aren't are stupid. They annoy me a bit. There, I said it. I'll still be your friend, but now you know the truth behind my relationship with you. It will always linger in the background. The thing is I just don't ever want any of the young people I come in contact with the EVER have the option of saying, "I don't like it because I don't understand it." Unacceptable.

Anyway, I have work to get done for them... and I'm reading blogs. And now I'M blogging. In true fashion of the ridiculous creative lives of people I know and love... we procrastinate something fierce (and of course it's fierce because we're creative and it must be dramatic - did I spell fierce wrong? I have never fully taken hold of the "i before e" thing)

It will be a good day because I have a lot in my head and great stories to tell and I think I do that ok. But preparation... mm... this is why I won't ever function in a classroom (and why it was hard... and why I won't go back... at least today) preparation... yeah, it's good to have your own studio.

Ok... I've got 40 min before the little people arrive.


worshipful1 said...

Hail to Procrastinators around the world!

Shelly Buck said...

Hmmm... where did my last message go? I was back today to check if you had any new posts, and low and behold, my comment has entered a blog vaccuum. Wanted to let you know about the Hummel family gift but I don't have your e-mail. Mine's shellyrbuck@hotmail.com Lemme know.
oh, by the way, procrastinate is my middle name. I feel your pain.