Things said

I was hanging out with a group of peeps tonight and got talking about "things said to students". One chica taught Spanish for a season and had a girl in her class that was "ditzy" and she said/did something mindless one day in class and my friend (after this being the most recent offense in a long line of "ditzy" episodes) responsed, in an ungaurded moment, "You make me want to douse myself with gasoline and set myself on fire." - she later apologized. This was a freshman I believe.

I had a student - a kindergarten student - my first year of teaching, who was working on his handwriting. I was circling the room overseeing this task. I came to this young child (I was in, not only, my first year, but my first few weeks of a job I walked into mid-year and had never been trained for - yes, kindergarten. really. I was the teacher) and I offered some suggestions as to how to make this activity perhaps go a bit smoother for him. I offered these suggestions because, I said, "this looks like crap" - and gasp as the words left my mouth. I tried to move on quickly, hoping to more get to the point rather than focus on the problem. It was a bad moment.

I didn't get a phone call. Nor did my friend who wanted to set herself on fire.

Perhaps i should practice kinder words.


Krista Marie said...

Darling...we all have those days that the filter has been, shall I say, "Accidentally Turned Off". I, being a tried and true friend, realize that this mistake took place MANY years ago and so I say this to you - "Grieve no more!" Instead, wander the isle-ways of Tar`get and swim throught the endless bliss of joyful consumerism taking a que from their bright and shiny to ponder newer and brighter vocabulary!
You are loved, my larva awaiting the cristilis of death unto the beautiful butterfly state of heaven!

Holly said...

Gosh you have smart friends! Great comment! Glad that I'm not the only one who consistently puts her foot in her mouth. Are you really coming to see us?? I would LOVE to see you! You can stay with us or Josh and Shelly!

kate said...

my problem isn't always the kinder words, it is really just turning on my filter so that every conscious thought does not have to pass through my lips. often times, as i am hearing the words come out of my mouth, i am thinking, "that was just meant to be a thought - oh crap!" it is just like the time when the man with the handle bar mustache opened the door for me at a restaurant, and fully intending to say "thank you," i instead - in my most declarative tone - say "curly!" he just stared at me, and i stared back at him, wide eyed, and then slowly tried to make it all breezy. breezy is never an adjective used to describe me - ever.

Todd & Micah said...

It's fine. Just last week, I told my 7th grade chorus,"You guys suck!" I just blame it on the fact that I'm a first year teacher and I really have no idea what I'm doing :)

Justin said...

Not being a teacher, I can only contribute through hearsay. But my friend Jim, a high school biology teacher for just a couple years, came upon two students talking between themselves in class one day. He got within earshot and heard them arguing about whether or not a stapler would put a staple through one of the boy's long sleeve shirt into his arm. Jim didn't say anything. So one of the boys picked up the stapler, opened it up (as if you might put a staple into a bulletine board), raised his arm -- Jim still says nothing -- and WHAM slams the stapler into his arm. The boy who bet it would staple his shirt into his arm won. Jim laughed. and laughed.

Perhaps words are not necessary to teach. Perhaps Jim should have said something. But it sure makes a better story since he didn't.

I enjoy your blog Jen.