Substitute Chronicles #22985: Carolyn and Brandon forever... or at least until Monday.

I subbed for a kindergarten class this week. Just mornings. When I taught kindergarten full time I would collect stories regularly and write them down on whatever I could find quickly because the moment would pass; paper plates, napkins, post-it notes, my hand. This week wasn't bearing much fruit in the "folklore" category and I was becoming a bit disappointed. Today was a good day, though.

I was sitting with Levi and Brandon working on a puzzle and Levi (quite a loquatious boy) begins talking to Brandon (not so much... more of a dullard. He stood for 10 min. before this chosen activity, in the middle of the room, trying to decide how he was going to spend his free time) Levi takes off talking and the conversation went a little like this...

Levi: (insert various "um" 's and "hey" 's, all the while neither boy is looking at each other but the puzzle) Hey Brandon while you were gone in Florida I started liking Carolyn and she and I hung out and so while you were gone I liked her is that ok? I wanted to ask if that's ok because you were gone in Florida and I liked her so I started liking her while you were gone and and now you're back from Florida so I have a deal that we can make can we make a deal because when you're gone I can like Carolyn and when you're back you can like Carolyn so that's my deal do you think it's a good deal do you want to make that deal?

Brandon: (pause) Sure

Good... glad to know the girl's that expendable to you, Brandon. This is where it all begins. Levi totally went in for Brandon's girl. This is not going to go so well for him in the future. Clearly Brandon doesn't feel that attached to her. Or... he's a push over, which may entirely be the case. Or... he may just know how to pick his battles and he's actually quite a clever boy because at the end of the day when the students were being asked what they were going to do over the weekend Carolyn said she'd be having a "tea party... with a REAL tea set". But when Brandon was asked what he'd be doing he said "having a tea party with Carolyn"... and that's where it is. Levi will be playing his X-box. Maybe Brandon just knew "fine... like her... but you're a dork because she's going to end up with me because I will play tea party with her while you're off running virtual cars off the road. Carolyn and I... what we have is something real." and a date.


kate said...

you see, i left this story feeling like levi should sell time shares or used cars. he makes quite a deal. either way, i think brandon, levi, and carolyn all might benefit from couple's therapy in the future.

kate chinlund said...

that is so funny! you must've had a blast listening to that conversation! what a nice break for you to have from adults, I wouldn't mind being around kindergartners for a week now and then!

Bethany said...

Hilarous Jenn - I am falling off my chair right now laughing over this post and how great this story is! I'm not going to lie to you, I liked it, I liked it a lot! I might even share it with a friend at some point. (maybe, you'll just have to wait and see!)

So, how the heck are you? I miss you tons and want to hang out again sometime soon!! COME TO OTTAWA!! (what's that Lord? You want Jenn to come to Ottawa to see me...? OK, Jenn, you better be obedient to the Lord's calling, and just come see me!!) Come, just as you are...there are people waiting to pray with you up at the alter...some of you have trouble watching too much tv...we can help! Just come, just as you are...come!!!)

I miss you girl!!


Sherilyn said...

Oh what a GREAT story!! well re-told too! Miss ya swift! Taking care of my favorite black jacket?! :)