"oh! I forgot I owned that!"

2 1/2 hours... that's all it took to move; to load up my crap, eat a few bagels, and take off. Unload time, minimal. What a team.

I'd like to say it's because they love me so much, but it's more likely it was because it was 15 degrees.

Bless them anyway.

Now the unpacking. My things have been out of sight, so, out of mind, since November 1... It's like Christmas... but a nightmarish one because everything I boxed up to give away has just been regifted... back to myself. That kind of sucks.

Here's to the first time owning my own house (read: "here's to the first time I get to owe the bank more money for anything I've ever owned... ever... for the basic human, physical need of shelter")

I'll post pictures of this sweet little abode soon. Stay tuned.


Jesse said...

Would you say that the Swift Move '06 was indeed a swift move? Ohhhhh, I need to be shot for that.

pk said...

Excited for you!

David and Katy said...

Miss Swift, this is Mr. Kinnan and I am elated to have discovered your internet home. I will speak with my people in regards to having your website linked on our homepage.

David :)