Here's to iTunes...

I'm listening to Kate Bush right now. Kate Bush's CD (well... I had the tape) "Hounds Of Love" was one of my favorite recordings... ever. Also around the time this made its way into my life, Peter Gabriel's "Last Temptation of Christ" was in the deck. I had dubbed a friend's recording. High speed dub. I was listening to Erasure, Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine", a bit of early R.E.M - any of the "Document", "Eponymous", "Green" or, especially "Out of Time" tapes. I had a beginning affinity for 19 year old Ani Difranco that I had seen at a small club downtown for $5 around that time in winter, some very early Sara Mclaughlan, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. Always the Beatles. And on the harder side for those days there was "Living Color"... the list goes on. It was the late eighties, I was between the ages of 12 and 14 and, by clear evaluation of my music choices, also a bit schizo.

At some point from the transition of "I will never own CD's. They're too expensive" to the "I never listen to tapes anymore" stages, I lost touch with these friends.

Then we moved to digital music and i have found that I cannot function a healthy life without iTunes nearby.

I had one of Kate Bush's song's in my head the other day and satiated that broken record by getting the CD... and then it began... I had to get all this music again. Because one song reminded me of another and so on. To iTunes I went and they were so helpful... those people that make my memories so accessable now. I am reliving these years... which could be good or bad, i suppose, but they had a great soundtrack.

So, I'm wondering, what was your soundtrack around these Jr. high years? I'm interested.


Josh and Cammie Delph said...

I TOTALLY relate, Jenn. I, too still know every word of every song that I loved between 1984 and 1993, give or take a few years! Josh thinks it's really annoying how I know what group it is, what year it was, and every word of the song. I have reunited with many a lost tape (or even 45 record, if you count my Cyndi Lauper days in the 3rd grade) with with iTunes! I think I played my R.E.M. Out of Time tape until it became fuzzy. Stand in the place were you live.. now face north... I could go on and on.

Josh Garlow said...

My Jr. High days were filled with:
Boyz II Men
David Elliot
The Smiths (Only because my sister made me)
The Cranberries
Depesh Mode
PID (Preacher's In Disquise)
Toni Braxton (It's True)

Andrea said...

Ha! Good question, Jenn.

Paula Abdul. My first boyfriend gave me the tape and I sold it at a yard sale after he broke my heart. The song, "I'm forever your girl" had lost some of its punch by then. But I still have every word of, "Stand up now tell me" memorized!

Bethany said...

During the time I was 12-14 yrs of age, I didn't own any "non-church" music. My parents were pretty sure I only liked and/or needed to hear Amy Grant, Acapella, or Steve Green, to make my life complete. (Little did they know that I had a recorded Tape from a friend of Jon Bon Jovi and Poison) I also had a recording of Boney M- due to older cousins that listened to them, and lots of "oldies" tunes. Soon I became interested in BoysIIMen, and just about anything on the Top 40 charts that you could hear on the radio. (Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice were in the mix too at somepoint). Its sad to say that my first CD ever was Stephen Curtis Chapman. (All I have to say is "Saddle This Steve!")

Kerri said...

Well, junior high was kind of a blur. Either that, or I've almost succeeded in erasing it from my memory entirely. But I do remember a little Ace of Base and the song "Informer" by Snow playing over and over and over again.

keith said...

For some reason, I never was good at "radio music". I can distinctly remember pre-teen weekends hearing the radio and thinking that there was one man and one woman artist, and they sang all the songs that we would hear playing over the loud speakers at the pool.

Jr. High...hmm I can remember buying the early cd's from smashing pumpkins, green day, and bush. Oh, and a single of "Gangsta's Paradise". I felt the most rebellious with that one!

Krista Marie said...

Oh darling, what a great thought...
I, having recently aquired an ipod for Christmas plus a $30 gift certificate to purchase music on itunes, feel like I got the last golden ticket!! I have so much that I would love to make sure to get that I am afraid to get anything lest I run out before I get UB40...Labour of Love!
UB40, big time.
Honestly, any reggae REALLY connected with me.
Bob Marley.
John Connelly (Rose Colored Glasses)
Mighty Mighty Boss Tones
LL Cool J

Joni Mitchell
wayy back like 7th grade
Ozzy Osbourne...

dave hodge said...

not many people would know this, but i was straight up rock in jr. high.

def leporad
motley crue

but the number one album was...

poison flesh and blood